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Welcome to Derby City French Bulldogs. We hope that you will have an enjoyable journey as you explore our website.

We are located in a small town just south of Louisville, Ky. We live on a farm where we raise and care for our French Bulldog puppies as well as various other animals.

We developed a huge interest in Frenchies after giving my wife a puppy as a Christmas gift. Two months later I came home with another Frenchie Puppy and so the story goes....

If you are looking for a healthy, happy, well-adjusted French Bulldog, you have come to the right place. Our French Bulldog Puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. The French Bulldog Puppies are well-socialized when going to their new homes. These French Bulldogs are so loving and carefree that you will have to love them too.

It has been an enjoyable learning experience. We look forward to sharing some of the excitement, charm, and joy with you as we strive to breed and raise high quality, show potential French Bulldogs.

To all the people who have shared their resources and knowledge with us, we want to say thank you. You have been an enormous help.

I am happy to be able to join the Derby City French Bulldogs.  Tony and Cathy are our family and helped immensely in our journey of breeding French Bulldogs.  We are lucky for all their help and guidance as we grow.  Not only them but our circle of breeders that have been so encouraging and supportive.  Without these wonderful people we would not be able to continue to raise high quality French Bulldogs.  

I also raise my females in my home as well as the puppies.  We love them like crazy.  If you want to follow what my girls are up to look us up under Fredericks Frenchies on Facebook or Instagram.  

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